Save 5% of your money with Tax Saver

We know, it’s hard to save up money for taxes,  and then to also manage not to spend it. So let’s help you find your motivation: we’ll offer you 5% of your tax money back! It’s super simple: just set money aside, don’t touch it and ta-daa! you get your “resilience bonus”.

3 reasons to use the Tax Saver

Of course, there are more than that, but we will leave you here a top 3 reasons why you should start using the Tax Saver from Fairo.

1. Extra money for you: a 5% bonus for literally doing nothing
2. No surprises: you always know how much taxes to pay, we’ll calculate them for you
3. Zero stress: when you save up for taxes ahead of time, the payment is less “painful”

How does it work?

Save money for taxes

First thing’s first: download Fairo and activate Tax Saver. Then save money for taxes and keep them untouched!

Receive a bonus from Fairo

Pay your taxes at the end of the fiscal year and receive from us a bonus of 5% of the total amount.

Repeat every year

Make a good habit out of saving and staying away from your tax money. It’s the simplest way to get a bonus from Fairo each year!

How to activate your Tax Saver


Connect your bank account to the app. If you connect more than one account, set the account where you save the tax money as primary.


Subscribe to the RUN plan


Activate the Smart Bookkeeping solution


Start using the Tax Saver

How do we calculate and give your bonus?

There are 4 balances on your main dashboard in the Fairo app: account balance, expected tax obligation, account balance without tax obligation, and your bonus.

If you save your tax money and have the expected tax amount on your primary linked account at the end of each month, on the first day of the following month, we calculate your bonus and add it to your Tax Saver. After you pay your taxes and send us the payment proof, we’ll send your bonus to your chosen account.

Download Fairo for free!