Get ready for the next round

The how-many-lei-you-want bill is back!

How can you win it?

Spread the joy of good advice!

Why keep a good tip like the Fairo app just to yourself? Especially when your good advice can return with an interest: for each new friend whom you recommend the Fairo app to, you receive 100 lei as a reward. So we're happy to tell you that by popular demand we're back with a new round of the Fairo promo.

It's a classic win-win situation: you win 100 lei and your friends win as well - both the 100 lei welcome gift and more free time with Fairo. So the math is simple: the more good advice you offer, the more people have a chance to win.

In other words, the how-many-lei-you-want bill is worth exactly how much you decide: 100, 200, 500 lei? More? Spread the joy of good advice and time-saving to your freelancer friends and win the how-many-lei-you-want bill!

Step 1

What do I need to do?


Go to your Profile in the app and look for the section called Recommend Fairo to your friends.


Enter your IBAN where you wanna get the money.


Generate the link and send it to your friends. Tell them to click on it to download the Fairo app and register.


Chill and wait for your money. 💰

Step 2

What do my friends need to do?


Click on your invitation link on their mobile phone (so we know you sent them).


Download the app and Register.


Enter their IBAN of the account where they want to get the money.


Chill and wait for their money. 💰 It should be on its way within a month.

Want to read more? Check out the promotion’s Terms and conditions.

what do our clients have to say?

Freelancers agree: it’s super easy.

“Very convenient app for freelancers”

JuliA, SW tester

"Fairo is truly a great app. Especially if you are not big into invoices and all that accounting stuff"

Ana, Designer

"Simple to use. Ideal for invoices"

Alex, photographer

“The idea is cool. Everything is in one place-easy to use and easy to understand without an accountant”

Mihai, developer