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4,99 lei/month or 49,99 lei/year
Issue invoices straight from the app
Generate cash receipts for your invoices
Store your clients’ data in the app
Up to 5 clients
Connected Accounts
Find out when your client invoices are paid through invoice-payment pairing technology
Have your IBAN automatically filled in when issuing client invoices
See all transactions from all bank accounts connected directly in the app
Find out automatically the norm for your type of activity
Access the standard tax calculator for PFIs and PFAs on real income or flat rate.
Access the advanced calculations taking into account all your adjustments and additional sources of income (for PFIs and PFAs only)
Smart Bookkeeping
Easily sort your business transactions by choosing whether your income is taxable and your expenses deductible
Get an extra clear overview of all your business income and expenses, including cash transactions
See real-time tax calculations and know how much money to set aside for taxes
Issue in seconds documents such as the Journal of Receipts and Payments, the Fiscal Record and the Inventory Register
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