We’re throwing a productivity bonus party, and you’re invited!

It's the one-year Fairo anniversary in Romania. So, we're inviting you to our productivity bonus party. Secret code? Invoices, invoices, invoices! Tips for a bigger productivity bonus? Have a look below.

1% with the free GO plan
Go ahead and try the app.

2% with the RUN plan
Upgrade now.

How does it work?

Just do your business as usual, we’ll take care of everything.


No need to do anything. You’ll automatically join the bonus party when an invoice issued through Fairo is paid by the client.


You’ll receive a monthly bonus for the first 5 paid invoices. (not more than 50 lei per invoice with GO plan and 100 lei with RUN plan)


All you have to do is invoice as usual, get paid, and we’ll transfer the bonus to your bank account connected to the Fairo app, in about one month.

Ready for some extra cash?

Download the Fairo app now and join a big community of freelancers managing their business finances in one app. It’s for free! And if you want to unlock extra Fairo benefits, you can try the RUN plan at a special Early Bird price.

Still have questions?

No worries, let’s take them step by step.

  • You’ll receive 1% more money for your first 5 paid invoices from the current month.
  • The value of the bonus increases based on your Fairo subscription type: 1% for the free GO plan and 2% for the RUN plan.
  • The monthly productivity bonus can’t be bigger than 50 lei per invoice for GO plan subscribers and 100 lei for RUN plan subscribers.
  • Just one thing: cash invoices are not included.
  • This campaign is valid until October 2022.
  • We will transfer your bonus to your bank account connected to Fairo app, almost 1 month after a paid invoice.
  • P. S. We know that we’re not perfect yet, although we promise we’re working on it. So we hope you’ll forgive us if there are still a few banks that can’t connect through FairoSync.

Sounds simple, right? And should you still need extra details, you can find them all in the Terms and conditions of the contest.